Systems vs. Skills

Oh.My.God. Can we stop talking about job candidate ability with systems and procedures already?

Yes, hi. I’m a fully functioning adult human being. I can learn computer stuff and businessney procedures. I can’t learn natural aptitude in leadership or human resources unless I try REALLY hard and who can be bothered? Continue reading Systems vs. Skills

Sample Cover Letter

From the endless job ad clichés to the unnerving first interviews and then to the throw-up first day, I think the worst part of any job application is the sycophantic cover letter that has to accompany it:

Dear nobody,

Thank you for not writing your name on the job ad, thereby forcing me to begin this letter by jamming myself straight into it instead of being able to lube it a bit first. Continue reading Sample Cover Letter

You’re Gonna Go Far in Media, Kid

Stories that begin with, “one time I…” usually end up being stinkers. One time I went to a job interview two hours away from where I lived. I took two buses and a train, then I walked about 2 kilometres down a highway to Shitsville, NSW for an interview with a company that was clearly going down the toilet. Continue reading You’re Gonna Go Far in Media, Kid

Sympathy for the Lazy

I’d consider myself a pretty average Johnny, but like any other (relatively) young person looking for a job in the current market, I assume that I’m worth far more than I really am. So it’s no surprise that I am having trouble finding one because I’m not willing to settle for anything that I consider beneath me. I have decided by process of elimination that this excludes every job that ever existed except African dictator, extremely famous pop musician or lesbian porn film director. Continue reading Sympathy for the Lazy

Aeronautical Engineer Required to Build Paper Aeroplane

Going to university after prematurely leaving high school with no qualifications and working for a decade was the best thing I ever did. And while I have a hundred opinions about the validity of a degree and the uselessness of a feminist-Marxist education in postmodern literature, I felt empowered by my education and the opportunities it might afford me. Which, I now know in hindsight, were not afforded at all. Continue reading Aeronautical Engineer Required to Build Paper Aeroplane

Your Company is not Dynamic and Other Job Ad Clichés

What the fuck is up with using the word ‘dynamic’ in job ads? It’s the worst kind of hypocrisy from employers who want original, tailored cover letters and résumés from me, to use meaningless buzzwords in their own ads. This word irks me in particular because it conjures mental images of open plan office full of young, vigorous go-getters hungry for success with long, virile dicks and aggrandised smiles. Get the fuck outta here; no company looks like that. Continue reading Your Company is not Dynamic and Other Job Ad Clichés