Recruiters: Foreskins on the Penis of the Free Market

If there were ever a job that should encourage the holder to self-harm, it’s not soft drink lobbyist or tax collector, it’s the recruiter.

One of the many excellent attributes of a free market is its reliance on the ‘middle-man’. Often much misunderstood and maligned, the middleman is the flesh-covered vehicle that connects us to the products we use and venerate without having to do complicated transactions with 100 different manufacturers every time we want a cup of tea or a printed photo of our family in a white frame or whatever other shite that middle class white people like. Continue reading Recruiters: Foreskins on the Penis of the Free Market

If Job Ads were Nourishment, we’d all be Starving

I could use this blog as a portfolio of my writing if it wasn’t so inflammatory and true and making fun of the very people I need to impress. I just wanted you to know that.

But you didn’t come here to hear my problems, right? I wish you would have… But that’s fine, whatever.

I have something special to show you today, an actual amazing job ad – like a diamond in the rough, a needle in a haystack, a cliché in a bad blog post – it is a small spark in an otherwise dull oeuvre of ads. So read on jaded jobseeker! Continue reading If Job Ads were Nourishment, we’d all be Starving

Job Seeker’s Schadenfreude

There is but one point to this post – to make all your C.V. spelling mistakes seem completely normal and a part of life. Which they are. Like that time I spelled ‘peaked’ instead of ‘piqued’ on a cover letter for an sub-editing job… Continue reading Job Seeker’s Schadenfreude

The Curse of Occupational Oratory Overuse – or – Icky Corporate Phrases

“I’m not across that”

Do you understand what you’re saying when you say, “I’m not across that”? You’re saying, “I don’t know” except that you’re saying it like a turd. If Jeremy is “not across that” and Sally isn’t “across it” either, then Jeremy and Sally don’t know dick. There’s something about this phrase that is sanctimoniously satisfying to say, like the phrase ‘sanctimoniously satisfying to say’, and I think that’s why it’s caught on so much in corporations. Every time someone says to me, “I’m not across that” I just realise that not only do they know fuck all about what I’ve asked them, but they love the feel of their linguistic tongue formation – so I try to engage their tongue less by not talking to them again. Continue reading The Curse of Occupational Oratory Overuse – or – Icky Corporate Phrases

Dynamism II: The Return of Dynamism

I’m just kidding with the title – dynamism never left! It just hangs around job ads like a bum at the liquor store.

In my continuing and seemingly ongoing quest to root out job ad atrocities, and in particular the reprehensible and unendearing overuse of the word ‘dynamic‘, please read on for the latest and completely unscheduled installment of job ad abortions. Continue reading Dynamism II: The Return of Dynamism

Systems vs. Skills

Oh.My.God. Can we stop talking about job candidate ability with systems and procedures already?

Yes, hi. I’m a fully functioning adult human being. I can learn computer stuff and businessney procedures. I can’t learn natural aptitude in leadership or human resources unless I try REALLY hard and who can be bothered? Continue reading Systems vs. Skills